Forced To Listen To Loud Music

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about loud music:

I have seen several questions dealing with people who want to listen to music in the workplace. I am stuck on the other end of that question. Two of the ladies in my office want to listen to the radio while they work. One of them says it makes her talk less–that definitely isn’t true! As a working Supervisor, I have to do some management functions and also some very difficult dicta typing. I can’t even hear myself think because of the music and talk programs on the radio. Due to space constraints, the best location I can get is on the opposite side of the office from the radio, with a small divider but no walls; the divider does nothing to block the noise. A couple of other (less-powerful) ladies in the office also dislike the radio, but their supervisor likes it, so she and the two (more-powerful) radio-players want it left as is.

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