How Can I Shine When Surrounded By Back Biters?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about negative gossip:

I am the one that loves her career! But I work with a few other employees that are lazy and feel the need to joke about what the other artists weaknesses might be, in their opinion… Behind their back–mine included.The problem is I want to shine. This line of work is my world! I get to work early, have come up with great marketing ideas and invested my free time and money into building up my following. meanwhile they just sit around and play with their phones. How do I make these people be intimidated by my work ethic. How can I stand out to my boss? I have been a manager before, and would Like to be considered a key player again.

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New Boss Is Treacherous

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a gossiping bad mouthing Administrator: It’s frustrating to try and do my job when I have a boss who sometimes undermines my authority and allows disrespectful staff to continue their behaviors.

I have been working for three months as a Financial Director at an Adult Home. I am also the Office Manager. The woman I replaced left after working there for 12 years. She stated that she left because of the gossip and how the Administrator treated her and talked about her to other staff. After three months I can see how this happened as the Administrator talks about other staff when they are not around and bad mouths everyone she has an issue with.

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