Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about nepotism:

I work for a small business, which is owned by a larger company. My daughter is my supervisor which was approved by the parent company when I was hired. My daughter got a new supervisor; he has stated on several occasions that he is not ‘comfortable’ with her being my supervisor. He has stated that to me and to her. Tonight he had a meeting with us and stated again that he doesn’t like it that she is my supervisor. I asked him if he was going to fire me because I am her mother. His response was … I thought about it! Would this be considered discrimination?

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Should I Keep Quiet About Favoritism?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about nepotism: Although Ann and Barb supposedly separated after the domestic violence incident, Ann shortly after hired Barb

This story may seem bizarre, but it’s true. I’m using a made-up names to make it a bit easier to follow. My supervisor, Ann, is a lesbian, and is “out” at work. That in its self is not a problem for me. I admire her for it and wish all gay people could be out at work. At any rate, a few months ago, Ann accused her live-in lover, Barb, of domestic violence and Barb was sentenced to anger management classes by the court.

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