Am I Being Set Up To Fail?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about what’s expected in a new job:

I began a counseling job a few weeks ago and was assigned a supervisor for my floor, who is in fact the assistant principal (AP). I noticed that he keeps me isolated from the other workers and reprimands my coworkers when they come to my office to speak with me. For instance, the other day the clinic director from the school came to explain the services the clinic offered to me. The AP/my supervisor, went by my office a couple of times and rolled his eyes. A veteran counselor was teaching me a program in the school and he had such a problem with it that he called me out and told me that I should not spend the entire day talking about the program with the counselor and that the main principal said that we should not do it for the entire day. (mind you he knows the program takes a while to complete)

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