New Manager Is Not as Helpful As Old

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about getting help from new manager:

I work at an upper scale restaurant as a host. My responsibilities include things such as, greeting guests, and walking them over to a table that best fits their needs and requests, I also check coats for guests and am in charge of taking to-go orders and ringing them in and giving it to the guests, and many other things. As I do have quite a few tasks to be fulfilled throughout my shift, it can get rather busy and stressful. Especially on a Saturday night whenever we got busy like that, our old general manager would come over and check on us very periodically to make sure I and the other host didn’t need any help. And if we were very busy, he would stay with us during the rush to make sure everything was flowing smoothly.

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Feeling Under-Appreciated

Question for Ask the Workplace Doctors regarding a new manager: I don’t get along with a new manager who doesn’t give my team respect?

I work for WalMart and have been working here for a year and five months. At my store I am a Sales Associate. However, I haven’t had a problem working here until we received new managers. With these new managers I haven’t quite been getting along with them as far as how they treat me and give me the respect I deserve. So I want to ask: How do I handle working with a management team who does not give those under their positions respect or workplace equality?

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My Mom’s New Woman Manager

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a new woman manager: How might she adapt to this woman with a different style than she is used to?

My Mother works at large financial company and is having a hard time with communication between her new manager and the entire department. She works in a small department of benefits, where she leads a team of six other people. They handle a lot of paperwork of people retiring and awaiting benefits. They also handle a lot of research for their clients to monitor and make sure that their checks are being handled correctly.

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