They Are Trying To Run We Old Timers Off!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about de-motivation of older employees:

Harassing Management, Unreasonable Policy Changes, De-motivating, Under Achieving, Uneducated, Ineptitude, Motivated by Greed. I could go on, but a survey of the entire employee group would tell the true story. Many of us have been there for 6 to 10 years and I believe they are trying to run us off. New Attendance Policy as of Jan 1 this year not in Hand Book yet. However, they are going back to last year and occurring absents if you used your 48 hrs. of sick and your 1st day of sick was Feb 5th, then you cannot be sick until that date. If you are sick on Feb 2nd, you are put on Probation for 1 year.

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