My Client Was Deceived!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about New Zealand labor policies:

As an avid reader of your site, comparing the problems you exemplify with employment relationship problems here in New Zealand, I am interested in your views on a situation I have dealt with as a Lay Advocate. My client saw a very attractive advertisement for a position as a Contracts Manager with a company boasting 17 years experience, market leadership, advanced technology, employee benefits and profit share possibilities. The business deals in short term contracts quite often being a case of quote, acceptance, deposit paid, completion and payment, in 3 days. There was even an opportunity, for my client, to earn extra money as an agent doing sales for commission. I will use the pseudonym “Bloggs Ltd” (BL) because the matter has been settled confidentially, by mediation.When my client received his employment agreement it was under the heading Bloggs Management Ltd (BML).

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