Get No Credit For Doing My Boss’s Work!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about correcting boss’ error but get no credit:

I’m pretty tired today because we had a big deadline and I spent all night last night working on this project. I wouldn’t have been working late, but I discovered a HUGE mistake that my boss made and had to put in 8 hours on a Sunday to fix it before deadline. She is constantly telling me not to come to strategy meetings for projects, and wants everyone to go through her for information and coordination, but this mistake is just one of hundreds that she’s made because she doesn’t actually know the material, or try to learn it. She consistently asks me how to do the same things over and over and requests that I do things that are HER job because she doesn’t know how to do them.My boss’s boss has indicated that he thinks she puts too much of her work on my plate, and wants to change my job so that I report to him instead of her. How can I bring up this most recent error without sounding like I’m complaining? How can I navigate the change in job role so that I don’t A: come off like a jerk because I won’t do her job any more B: am assigned her job because she can’t do it C: help her without taking on the same duties.

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