Annoying Noise

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about noisy coworker:

I work in a small closed area office and there is constant loud talking, walking in heels hitting on uncarpeted floors and other annoying noises. It won’t do any good to talk to the Supervisor about this matter because the employee is one of the pets. What can I do when this is distracting me from my work and causing stress?

Signed, Annoyed

Dear Annoyed:

You have ruled out the source for stopping distractions, your supervisor. Why? Because you say she/he is “one of the pets”. Pet or not a pet, it is a supervisor’s responsibility to make every reasonable effort to develop and maintain a work environment free from distraction and conducive to production. Offices don’t have the hush-hush of a library or hospital, and incidentally deathly quiet is no longer mandated in either of those places. But you can make the case for toning down the noise level.

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