Asked to Lie

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about to omit complaints:

I am constantly asked to not record documents in a client’s file that has become a complaint because it might need to be produced later…What should I do?

Signed, Asked to Lie

DearĀ Asked to Lie:

Check with your policy book and any other published material available in your workplace regarding keeping/not keeping records. From what little you say in your query, it is not clear what kind of complaints are being made that have prompted this order. Are these complaints simply client annoyances with how service is delivered or are these complaints about serious lapses such as those pertaining to medical matters? From what you do say, it appears that someone in your organization is “shredding files” by omission, and that can be a crime. A major accounting firm that shredded files to avoid having to produce them later ended in bankruptcy several years ago.

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