Earpods Or Protective Gear

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about earpods:

Are there OSHA laws or state rules regarding wearing earpods or earphones during work hours? We have banned them but employees continue to do so anyway.

Signed, He Who Has Ears To Hear

Dear He Who Has Ears To Hear:

As I understand your question. “Are there OSHA regulations regarding the requirements of earplugs or earphones during work?” Yes, decibel ratings establish the use of them. They are a requirement because you may go deaf with loud noises and this prevents the person, who may work without wearing ear protective gear from claiming the company made me deaf. If you are supposed to wear them, then wear them. If you are talking about earphones or earplugs and listening to your iPod or radio – then you cannot wear them, if management dictates it as a safety precaution. Life is much simpler if you play and work by the rules.

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