Affair, Resignation, Termination . . .

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about an affair:

A recruiter in a large, successful company has an affair with her boss/manager. He convinces her his marriage is on the rocks. Two-three years later, she learns he has lied to her all along. She confronts his wife. He resigns, getting her fired. Her recourse if any?

Signed, Outcome of An Affair

Dear Outcome of An Affair:

Probably the best she can do is to get on with her life and career. Since she worked in recruitment, she should know the ropes of entering the job market; therefore she is ahead of most people who have been fired. Might she have recourse of reinstatement? Probably not. Apparently, from the little information provided in this query, this woman knew she was having an affair with a married man. That doesn’t place her is good stead for charging sexual harassment.

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