How Do You Know When Someone’s Out To Get You?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about not being assigned to a team: I feel helpless, especially since I suspect the woman making the schedules dislikes me. I haven’t done anything to upset her, and it is acknowledged that she is always snappy, but I need to be noticed more. Because she is snappy, I’m not sure how to approach her.

I just started working as a public accountant, and I already ran into some problems. Because our firm does auditing and work in various teams, it’s not always clear who my direct supervisor is when I work on different clients. I really just work up the chain of command when I got questions. However, recently work has been slow, so I’ve been doing odd jobs around the office. There is this woman who is in charge of putting together a team of staff under a partner or manager for their clients. I believe she is deliberately trying to ignore me when scheduling people around. It seems to me that of all the new hires, I am often stuck in the office making photocopies or filing when everyone else is doing audit work at the client location or in the office.

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