Cheated Out Of Hours

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about overtime pay:

I had to stay late one night because a child went AWOL and I stayed 45 minutes late. I did not go into overtime, but my boss changed the time on my paycheck. She sent me an email admitting that actual hours I worked, but then the payroll check reflected a different time. Is this legal and what is my recourse? I work in New York State.

Signed, Cheated

Dear Cheated:

Contact your state’s Department of Labor if you are seriously angry at your company for not paying you for hours worked. We don’t answer legal questions; however, for you this probably is more than wanting to be paid for 45 minutes. You want to know how to correct what appears an incorrect check. Wouldn’t your Human Resources or Personnel Office be the appropriate place to ask about that? And isn’t it a challenge to pursue this in a professional way and not to sour on your boss? You want to work in an employee respectful and friendly work environment. Your voice can help that happen and more.

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