Not Paid For What I’m Doing

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about Overworked and Underpaid:

Dear Workplace Doctors,I have a job that I love at a company I respect and find exciting. I have great benefits and have been given stock options, leaving is not really an option. The problem is that I was hired for a particular job at a particular price and now I am doing much more than I was hired to do with no increase in pay. Here are details to try to assess the situation better.

*I’ve been at the company only 16 weeks.
*At my 60 day review I was basically promoted without a new title and offered stock options. Rather than get a new title or make it known to my coworkers that I had new responsibilities, I now straddle the old job as well as the new and have taken on a defacto management and administrative position without actually getting to have any sort of authority over the people whose quality of work I am expected to improve.
*The company is a start-up and we just started selling our product (three months earlier than anticipated and a lot of that has to do with work that I have done) so I know that we don’t have a lot of money floating around… yet.*Our fiscal year begins on Jan. 1st, thus making factoring in a raise for me a pretty time sensitive issue.
*I consistently stay 1-2 hours late every day and do some work from home on weekends.
*According to salary calculators for my area, I am being paid 50% less than the bottom 10% of people in my position and with my education. Will I be out of line to request a future raise this early on? I am sure that I will be told the money isn’t available, yet, but I want to make sure that when it is that I am getting paid what I’m worth. I absolutely do not want to quit this job because I love it and am so proud of what we do, so threatening to leave or looking for a new job isn’t something I will do.Thanks, 200% effort, 50% pay

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