Owner’s Wife Is Ex-Employee

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about owner’s change of divorce plans:

The owner’s wife filed for divorce, 8 employees gave depositions of her plans to kill him and misc. Now they are back together and he wants her to return to work after only 4 months, I am terrified. Do I have any rights?

Signed, Concerned

Dear Concerned:

There are no laws being violated–and nothing prevents the man from getting back together with his wife and rehiring her. Apparently she was not charged with a crime and he has decided to forgive whatever she did or said.I wonder if you have talked to your boss about the position his actions will place all of you in, from the viewpoint of an uncomfortable place to work and a fearful situation. Perhaps the thought of losing eight employees would change his mind about the work situation at least. One thing is certain…you do not have to work there, and should not, if you genuinely feel your life is at risk. There is nothing you can do legally, unless she threatens to harm you, but you can avoid the discomfort and fear by simply telling your boss that you do not want to work in that kind of situation. I know that would be a tough decision too–but certainly justified. Best wishes in working through this with your fellow employees.

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