Paid Less Than Co-Worker

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about unfair pay:

I have an issue that a co-worker is getting paid around 2.00 more per hour than me. She had quit and was called back as another worked was fired. She has no more experience than I do, and less professionalism.It really makes me feel like quitting, even though I need my job. It is so unfair! Should I talk to my employer? How?

Signed, Deserving And Not Getting

Dear Deserving And Not Getting:

Salary differences are very difficult to understand, and I can imagine you are upset. It might be, since another employee was fired, your employer felt he had to pay a premium to get someone on the job right away. In that case his view may be that you are being paid correctly and he does not want to escalate the salary of the position, but he had to pay extra just to get someone hired quickly.

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