Should She Be Fired?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a partner false accusation:

I have a new partner in my meter reading job. I have just recently found out she told our boss that I was going through another co-worker’s desk. I requested a polygraph, but that declined because my boss and the city manager did not believe the allegations. My boss wants me to try and work with her and forgive her for the sake that I am a better person and older and wiser. I have to work with her side by side and I do not want to anymore. I am not a troublemaker and I am deeply hurt. I have taken this young girl under my wing and tried to be a mentor to her, and she has lied and said something awful about me. I know it’s not true, my boss knows it’s not true, and other employees that were questioned know it’s not true. How do I request that since she is on probation that she be dismissed. There is no question I feel like I am working in a hostile environment.

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