Is It Right To Demote And Also Cut Pay Drastically

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about pay:

If my boss demotes me is he right to also cut my salary in half?

Signed, Punished Twice

Dear Punished Twice:

Salary is nearly always tied to work level or position. Therefore, if you are demoted, whether it was for punishment or because of work adjustments, your salary will be reduced as well. Having it cut in half seems extreme, unless that is the normal salary for that position.

On the other hand, if you were demoted and your new salary was reduced even lower than others in the same work level it certainly would seem unfair even though there is no law or regulation governing it. If your business is large enough to have an HR section or just a payroll clerk, perhaps you can ask about the wage for the lowered job description.I’m sorry about the demotion and the pay loss. It may not seem likely now, but perhaps the situation will change or you will be able to overcome whatever was the cause of the demotion and get back to the work and the pay level you want and need.Best wishes to you in handling this challenging situation.

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