Back Pain Less Back Pay!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about stoppage in pay after disability:

I work for a large multinational company. I live in Spain and pay N.I and tax to the UK as I’m paid by the UK office of the company. I’m a UK citizen and passport holder and was born in the UK. My contract states that I get paid sick pay pf 1 months basic salary for the first month then 50% after that. I have been off work with a slipped disk, since August 17th 2005.

In December, they stopped paying me sick pay. No warning was given. It took two weeks of sending emails before I could get a response. They said they where waiting for a doctors note. I went to my doctor and got the required note. All of a sudden this note is now not good enough. So another week or so went by before they could tell me exactly what they wanted. My doctor filled in the questionnaire, and faxed it to them. The company has now said that it needs to be in English, this was never a problem before as they had stated that they could translate the notes themselves. They also said I wasn’t entitled to SSP but in December 2005 this was not a problem as I was off work then for 4 weeks and got SSP. They said this was due to me living in Spain, I went on the DWP website and they said that as I pay NI in the UK I’m entitled to SSP and certain other benefits. I pointed this out to my company and they have gone silent yet again.

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