How Do I Tell My Boss I Have To Leave Early?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about must leave early for counseling:

I signed up for counseling which I will need to attend on a weekly basis. I’m confident that the sessions will help me resolve a lot of personal issues that I have. So I need to leave early for medical reasons. But it’s more taking care of my mental health than an actual injury. My question is how do I explain to my Manager that I will need to leave one hour early each week so I can attend the sessions? Do I have to give details? How much do I have to reveal and how do I say it in a non-revealing way? Will he and others in the office look at me differently, like I am incompetent? I don’t want to jeopardize my good standing at the company. But, it’s either leave one hour early or not be able to attend. I am even willing to make up the time by working through lunch or staying late on another day.I’m just not sure the most appropriate and/or tactful way to ask/talk to the Manager. Please advise. I really want to attend the counseling.

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