Male Coworkers Interrupts My Wife’s Phone Calls

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about personal calls:

My wife has been working at her job now for over 19 years. Lately what has being bothering me is, it seems that every time when I’m talking to my wife on the phone (she is at work) one or more of her male coworkers interrupt her with something. They know she is talking to her husband,(me) but come to her with something to interfere with our call. This is becoming annoying and upsetting with me and her workplace.

She has to let me go and rarely puts me on hold. Also we are not talking for long periods of time. Usually less than 5 minutes or so but they are approaching her. We may only talk once or maybe twice a day. Her workplace is a office but I feel that they are targeting her personal calls. I have told her to be upfront with them and tell them politely to wait. I feel that they are standing at her station waiting and listening as if to hurry the call.Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Every time I mention to her that I think it is rude of them, she tells me she is at work, so she tends to them. The office where she works is very slow/non busy workplace. Thanks

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