Should I Be Worried About Attitude Complaint?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about attitude:

I work for a copying company, making copies and doing other clerical tasks for a law firm for the past 5 years. The firm is very pleased with my work, as I have gotten good raises over the years and enjoy positives reviews. One minor issue has raised its head again and again, and that is my attitude (I am not as pleasant as they would like me to be and not as social as I should be). It has not affected my raises or is even mentioned in my reviews. I have been asked to work on this issue, and I have. I heard nothing for 5 months, and thought the issue was settled. Seems it was not, as my supervisor at the copy company told me that is was again brought up in a meeting with the law firm client. My supervisor at the copy company wants me to meet with the law firm client every month, so I can know if there is any behavior he needs me to work on. At this point, I am wondering two things: Why the client has not asked for my removal as this has been such a problem for them over the past 5 years, and if it is better for all concerned that I find another job?

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