Falsely Accused of Hostile Behavior at Work

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about subordinate’s  performance: During the days I was out, the admin. filed a complaint with HR about me stating she is intimidated by me and views this as a hostile work environment.

I hired an admin. asst. in July and her work performance has not been good. She received a performance evaluation in December and I had HR sit in on the evaluation as the evaluation was not good. The admin was to receive a follow up evaluation at the end of March but the HR Manager left and a new one was not hired yet. When the new one was hired, I asked to meet with her regarding the employees work performance and for her to review the original evaluation and the follow up evaluation. She made a suggestion that I should write out what the admin. does that is good and what needs improvement. I did and sent it to her for review and then I was out for 3 days.

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Am Boss of Nurse Who Does Not Think For Herself?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a nurse with poor performance: She is bringing everyone down, and no one wants to work with her!!!! Help Me

I know she has been working here like this for a long time. Yes, she’s a nurse and shows up for work, but she monopolizes the nurses’ aides’ time. She wants them to do all her work–take a patient off the bedpan when she’s in the room and answer a call light when she is standing socializing. She is unorganized, has trouble prioritizing does not follow policy with medications, and is unable to critically think for herself. It really boggles my mind that she is working like this.

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