Pregnant and Worried About A Coworker With a Cold

Question: to ask the workplace doctors

This week has been just horrible. I have found out I’m pregnant after three long years of IVF and I went to work on Monday. One of the other staff members was ill with a head cold. I told my boss I was pregnant and it worried she was sick and if she didn’t go home, I should as this time is a really crucial time for me. My boss when straight to the other staff member and said that I was pregnant and that when someone else arrived she should go home. When the person to cover for her arrived the coworker came downstairs and started packing stock. I asked her if she was contagious and she was cross and said that she didn’t know and walked away from me. I went to her and asked her if she understood where I was coming from and how concerned I was. She then went to my boss and told him that I followed her and told her to go home.

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