Choosing Between Jobs Again

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about pressured to change jobs:

I wrote to you last time about me choosing my current job in my hometown over a more popular studio job in the city. So far I’m still happy with the main things about my office and job. I also think that I declined the studio’s offer respectfully and kept in touch with them too. In 3 months I would be keeping my job for a year! This benefits me in every aspect of my life, and I can see my contributions in the company. But I plan to move out with my fianceĆ© in the city next year to buy a house, so I’m saving up as much as I can in this job for now so I can take a time off and then look for another job. This week, the studio called me again. I kept my door open for them for project-based work and collaborations which I can do off hours or on weekends, and I thought they’d want to collaborate with me. Turns out that they still haven’t got anyone in the position, and they really wanted me for the job. They made a reasonable matching offer too. I knew that this was a long shot, but I tried to ask them if they can wait for me to finish at least my one year of service. I’m glad that they told me they appreciated my decision to finish my one year (the HR person told that she was impressed), but they really can’t wait.

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