Time Card Disclosure to Home Owners Association and Board

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about time card disclosure:

Can a board member display employee time cards at an open meeting of the HOA?
Signed- Right? Wrong?

Dear Right? Wrong?
My few thoughts about your situation caused me to do some investigation and I have copied that below. However, I doubt that it specifically applies to a Homeowners Association. Most law regarding time cards is for profit organizations. Probably your concern deals with privacy. Obviously disclosure of time card information to an open meeting affects privacy, but time records in themselves are not generally protected private information as are medical records. The reason for the disclosure of time cards, to me, signals that something is or someone is uneasy about how the records are kept or not kept or more likely about attendance/absence of an employee.

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Employer Responsibility For Info Privacy?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about disclosing employee information:

What responsibility do employers/supervisors have to keep private information private? For example, if a co-worker becomes ill and is hospitalized, is it appropriate for a supervisor/employer to provide details of the illness to co-workers? Is it appropriate for employers to share an employee’s private address and private phone numbers to co-workers so that well wishes can be sent to an employee? If an employer/supervisor does provide private contact information to co-workers, and a person is later burglarized, stalked, harassed, etc. can the employer/supervisor be held responsible?

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