Past Experience Or Present Performance

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about likelihood of promotion:

I am a good perfomer and have 10 months of experience. I have a co-worker who has only 6 months experience, but he has had a managerial job in the past. He is not a good performer. Who do you think our company is more likely to promote?


Wants To Be Promoted

Dear Wants To Be Promoted:

Your company is more likely to promote someone who possesses the knowledge and skills they need for the specific position being considered. This is especially true when you consider that the ability to work with and through others (management and supervision) is not the same as the ability to do the job being supervised. Experience in a managerial position may be a big benefit for your co-worker, even if he is not performing well. Your co-worker may be seen as someone who is unmotivated right now, but who would be re-energized by a promotion. Or, he may be seen as someone who does not deserve the promotion, because he hasn’t worked to full capacity recently.

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