Work Probation Problems

Question to Ask theĀ  Workplace Doctors about being on probation:

I am a new federal supervisor with 3 months remaining on my probation. A group of employees whom I do not supervise or have much contact with have been falsely accused me of being pushy and curt in my communications with them. This has been a pattern with this group of employees from what I have learned but my supervisor listens to them.

She will not believe me when I explain I have not done what they are saying and try to point out they talk about every one even her. I believe I am a threat to my supervisor due to my quick success and devotion of my staff. Also I am the only white manager in the division and the 3 people complaining about me are African American. My direct reports and I have a great relationship. Although I received a Superior job rating at my 6 month review, I was informed today that if I received any more complaints I would be terminated. How can I defend myself from these false accusations when I am on probation as a new employee?

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