Hiring Promises Broken!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about promises made at hiring broken:

I will be graduating this summer (a busy season for my company) and before I was hired, I advised my boss of this and he said there wasn’t going to be a problem. The other day, I told him which dates I need off and now he says “I don’t know about that.” I made it clear before I was hired that I need this time off because I have to travel to my graduation (5 states away) and back.

Also, he told me before I was hired that he would give me a 45 day review and he would also get me up to the same salary I was making before (I am making 8k less). When they offered the salary, I was ready to walk out the door, because it was so low, but I accepted it without hesitation because I was desperate for work (same kind of job as my last job). What should I do? How can he renege on his promises now? I will quit my job over this when graduation time comes if he won’t let me get the time off of work now. I am a great employee, always early and always taking more responsibilities on. Please help!

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