No Proof Of Verbal Warning Given

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about no warning:

How can an employee prove that he/she never had a verbal warning from his/hers supervisor?

Signed, How?

Dear How?:

This is how it’s supposed to work. The employee is called into the “office” and given a verbal warning. However, this verbal warning is documented and the employee is supposed to sign off on it (stating he/she did in fact receive a verbal warning). The written part of it documents that a verbal warning was issued.The employee is entitled to see the documentation on this verbal warning (employees have the right to inspect their file). Even though the warning is verbal, it must still be documented in the progressive discipline policy of that company. The employee has to prove a negative, which, as we know from our debating days, is impossible. How do you prove something did not happen??? HR should have a copy of the warning. If not, then, the employee proves his/her case.

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