Manager in Iraq Confiscates Personal Property

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about document taken:

I have a package of documents that will provide a historical record of what happened in Iraq, and what my former employer did and did not do. Briefly, the timeline is as follows:

1. I departed Iraq on 3 October 2012 on R&R, expecting to return to Iraq on 24 October. I left a suitcase in my locked room, and the job box with my personal tools arrived in Iraq and was inventoried by Dowley personnel on 4 October.

2. Between 3 October and 20 October, the International Operations Manager, Mr. Thomas Moriarty, obtained access to my locked quarters and confiscated the property I left in the room and other items that belonged to the company that I had left out of my suitcase. The job box with my personal tools and other items remains in the secure warehouse on site in Iraq.

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