Health Care Employer Doesn’t Want To Hear Concerns

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about feeling pushed out:

I work for a very large, distinguished health care organization. They have an excellent reputation. I am involved with staff training, but feel I am being pushed out of my job. Over the last few months I have had increasing conflict with my boss, my manager and with the director. In one situation in which I had concerns about documentation of patient care, I was accused of grilling the staff.

When I have tried to report workplace concerns to my director I have repeatedly been dismissed from her office if I “interrupted” her at times other than scheduled one on one meetings.I contacted an HR representative who was supposed to help employees with difficulties. She directed me to have a discussion with my boss with someone else present. I decided to write my concerns and leave them for the boss to read. As a result I was called into an after-hours meeting with my boss, a manager and the director present, as well as the HR representative.They all attacked me.

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