My Boss Is Unwilling To Help

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about interrupting, pushy coworker:

I am a teacher, and I have been having problems with the teacher whose classroom is next door to mine. She interrupts my class very often, sending kids asking for things like tape and markers. I have let things slide, but the other day I got very angry. She wanted to sell to me a fundraiser card for her son’s football team, and I told her I didn’t have any cash on me, that I would buy it from her another day when I did have cash. She is very pushy and just left it on my desk and said to pay her back whenever I could. Since the bell had rung to start the next class, I didn’t have any opportunity to say no.The next day, she sends student, DURING class-time, to ask me for the money. I decided to take it up to the principal, and he asked if I had talked to her in the past. I said yes, I have told her a couple of times before not to interrupt my class. He told me that we need to resolve this like adults, and if not that we will have to have mediation, and that will go on my file and will not look very good on me. I don’t think it is fair that I look bad when I have told this person in the past not to interrupt my class. Also, I am not the only teacher who has had problems with her. There are several (about 5) more teachers who have had issues with this person. I would hope administration would see who the real problem is, but my principal seems to be doing the CYA.

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