Transitioning to Self-Employment?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about starting something new: I don’t want to work in a traditional setting or for a boss or in an office dealing with people and politics and pettiness.

You guys were so helpful years back, with stellar advice, I thought I’d circle back for more help. I’ve had excellent, good, so-so and nightmare jobs. In all cases, my bosses said I was a hard worker. My performance reviews were always excellent. I make friends at my workplaces and joke a little in meetings, though I get down to work during the core hours and rarely engage in idle chitchat. I know about people’s personal lives and their frustrations, and I try to be a help and encourager. I don’t gossip, because I know that’s hurtful and others quickly lose respect for a gossiper, though they might not say it. I try to anticipate what my boss wants and then I go above and beyond to perfect the project and make it creative and fun.

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