Humiliated By A Bully Boss. I’m Giving Notice!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about quitting over humiliating write up:

Last Wednesday I humiliated at work due to a write up. The situation occurred during our “meeting” due to the write up. It is my responsibility to post the mail and send it out. The mailman, not our usual mail man, showed up almost an hour early and I did not have time to post the mail. I told my boss that I would take it after work. I have to pick up my kids and I stayed until 5:45 pm.

During my mad dash out of the office I forgot the mail. I also have a catalog log that I work off of to send out our literature. The log was not updated yet the catalogs were sent out. These are the two offenses that I was written up for. During our meeting I was told “YOU F*&%ED UP.” I was also called a liar because one of the girls, who doesn’t like me, told him the mail arrived around 10:30 when in fact it arrived around 9:30. I told him the time that the mail was delivered and he said he confirmed it with this particular coworker. He also knows that this coworker has tried in the past to get me fired or in trouble yet he chose to believe her over me.

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