Managers and Supervisors Won’t Promote Me

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about having
a non-supportive supervisor and manager


In the place where I work, a few managers hate me because they are racist. I want to get a promotion, but I’m afraid they will turn me down. Even if I get the position they will annoy me a lot, because they don’t respect me.

The only thing I do that they might not like is that I turn my head and do not say “Hi” to them. They are not my managers now, but if I get a promotion they will be my managers. My supervisor says bad things about me because I am smart and he feels jealous of me. So, I need a miracle to prove how much I work. That’s why I am so serious at my workplace and don’t smile.

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Can My Boss Accuse Me Of Racism?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about racism:

A new lady who is black was hired at work and had keys I needed. I asked my boss, “can you please get my keys from..umm…that lady?” (I had forgotten her name as I had only met her once) and my boss jumped down my throat for saying that lady and two days later pulled me into her office and accused me of being racist. Not once have I ever made any racial comment or anything and this is totally out of left field. Never in my life have I ever been called racist and I am very offended…and hurt. Is this ok for a boss to do?

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