When Music Is Noise!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about noise:

I work at a large manufacturing facility. Many of the workers have radios at their stations. It seems that everyone prefers her/his own station. This results in a hodge-podge of noise. Our supervisor has threatened to ban radios all together. Our workers must be alert to voices so headphones are out. Please advise. Thanks so much



DearĀ EarsAPoppin:

I’m very biased on this subject. I do not believe that radios should be placed at the individual workstations. The company may wish to install a music system that plays soft, light music throughout the work place. If the hodge-podge of “noise” created by all the different radios is bothering you, it’s probably bothering others as well. I suggest you speak to the supervisor about eliminating the radios and go to company-wide music system (which could be used as an intercom system for announcements, etc.) Best of luck. Gerald Allen, Guest Respondent with HR experience. The Workplace Doctors Consideration of others is the base rock of organization ethics. It is thinking WEGO.

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