Radios On The Workroom Floor

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about radiosĀ  while working:

What is the rule for radios being played on the work floor?

Signed, Turn It On Or Off

DearĀ Turn It On Or Off:

Rather than answer your question, since we get many like it, I’m forwarding the most recent answer by a guest respondent expert on safety, Robert Byers. His answer is posted and you can read the question if you scan our most recent questions. But even not reading that particular question, you should find his answer helpful: It is not illegal for the employees to wear earphones connected to a music source, but I certainly think it presents major OSHA concerns. The OSHA Hearing Conservation Standard states that employees that are exposed to more than 85 decibels over a time weighted period (TWA) would require the employer to establish a baseline audiogram report for each employee and then retest them each subsequent year, and record any standard threshold shift of 10 decibels or more in either ear on the OSHA 300 log. Then the employer would have to provide effective Personal Protective Equipment to dampen that noise. (after exhausting all engineering attempts to resolve the problem) I would suspect that in a sheetmetal shop, the noise level may very well already exceed that decibel level.

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