Rat Infestation

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about rats at work:

How should I write an email complaint about rat infestation in office building?

Signed, Grossed Out

DearĀ Grossed Out:

The best way to write an email about a rat infestation is simply to say that it is happening, how you can prove it and ask that it be investigated. This is a problem in many older buildings, but there are things that can be done. Unfortunately, some of those measures are expensive and usually only temporary.

According to your business you could point out the damage being done by the rats or the fact that there is a chance of disease being spread if employees have to use areas where there is a lot of feces or urine. Gross! Further, many fires are caused by rats and mice chewing on electrical wiring–a favorite treat, apparently.In the meantime, every employee can help by never, ever leaving food or drink out, not even in the daytime and by washing their desk tops and any surfaces they might touch.

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