Receptionist Needs Help

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about the job of receptionist:

I am the receptionist for my firm. We have 60+ employees and are moderately/very busy. I have, on occasion, had another person sitting at the front desk to assist with the activity, and every time, these people are so pleasant at first, but begin to treat the position with hostility, act “I have a degree. I shouldn’t have to sit at the *%#? front desk!”

They accepted the position after interviewing, and knowing what part of their responsibilities would be, so I’m concerned. I’ve asked myself what I might have done to repeatedly experience this, and can only think that I try to uphold the integrity of the position. Be calm, courteous and consistent. There is no competition on my part, we all have our own way of doing things. I love my job, and have no particular desire to leave the position. I always try to communicate this. As an aside, all of the women that have been my co-workers at the front desk, also did additional administrative work for the firm. ┬áIt has not been an issue when I have had our runners assist me. They are all male. I’m 57, and they are early 20’s. They don’t get angry, but do acknowledge that it can be intense. My immediate supervisor asked me how I contributed to the situation, and then apologized for having done so, saying I’m the best at what I do…

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