My Boss Takes Days Off But Doesn’t Record Them

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about cheating:

I work in a smaller company in the HR department. Two of us are in HR and we report to the CEO. My boss is the Director of HR. We have a system of requesting vacations days off through some software, however my boss continues to take vacation days without listing them. His “out of office” notice says he is on vacation and can’t respond to phone or emails, yet he is not populating his days off in the company software.

I am responsible for maintaining this database of vacation hours. So far he has taken a total of two weeks (10 days) of vacation without listing it. Yes, he does list other vacation days. I don’t know what to do since the only person I could possibly bring it up with is the CEO. The CEO and he are on very good terms with each other. If it is brought to his attention he will know only one person could have brought it up…me. I would rather speak to him directly, but then, of course, I don’t want to “challenge him”. I am thinking of calling our EAP to see if they have any ideas also.

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