I Face Redundancy

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being redundant:

I have worked for company for 6 years. My first role came to an end after 2 years. I was given another role in different location and did that role for 4 years before going on long term sick leave. When I came back after 2 months, my job stayed with person who had covered my job and I was given an interim job for 12 weeks with view of it becoming permanent. I was told after 12 weeks a new boss was starting and would be reviewed by them. They have now reviewed this and have told me job is no longer available. They have advised me I would be made redundant. The only job they can offer me is 110 miles away and they can’t guarantee I would get it if I did apply. I have never signed anything regarding interim position. I still hold the original contract for second position I was given. How do I stand with this?

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