What Should I Say About New Job?

Question for Ask the Workplace Doctors regarding telling current boss about a new job: “My boss doesn’t want people to leave and has given bad references to keep them here. What should I say about a new job?

I have had an up and down relationship with my boss. I finally found another job and I plan on giving notice soon (upon written receipt of the offer of the new job). However, I am wary of saying where I am going.

My boss has made clear that she does not want employees to leave. In fact, when former employees left, she put in calls to the new employer to question who the references were (specifically at the organization). Almost every employee states the new employer’s name upon resignation (most of these employees had good relations). My office is really gossipy and my fear is that by withholding this information, it’s going to create more gossip and a “search” to find out where I am going.

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How To Warn About Bad Reference

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a potentially bad reference:

How do I warn a potential employer that my current work may not give a great reference?”


I work in a very small field and my company has a high turnover rate. I have a job interview with a similar company. I KNOW that this new company will want some sort of reference from my current company (whether it be supervisor, coworker), but no one will do so because now they are closely watching and people recently got in trouble for referring former employees.

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