Should I Sign?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about refusal to sign a warning:

What are my employee rights at the workplace relating to refuse to sign a warning document? So, in other words, do I have the right to refuse to sign a warning at workplace in Chicago? Which documents do I have the right to refuse to sign and which not? Thanks for assisting me.

Signed, Don’t Want My Name On It

Dear┬áDon’t Want My Name On It:

Apparently you don’t think you deserve a particular warning and therefore, you think signing it indicates you agree with it. Employees also sometimes feel that way about a low annual evaluation. They think signing it agrees with their boss. Our site doesn’t give legal advice; however, I think if you talk to your Human Resources or Personnel departments, you will be told that signing a warning only means you are saying that it was given you, not that you agree you did wrong. To make sure of that, you can add a note along side you signature why you don’t deserve the warning or submit a letter to that effect to be put in your file.

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