How Do I Get Over Being Attracted To My Manager?

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about
feeling attracted to a manager but wanting to get over it. 



I am happily married and find myself attracted to my manager. I started this job 6 months ago and a couple months in, found myself attracted to his personality. Since I first realized the attraction it has grown stronger on my part to the point I think I am more infatuated than anything. I suspect, although I am not sure, that he may feel the same way. Nothing inappropriate has been said or has happened, just to clarify. I find myself wanting to know if he feels the same way, mainly for egotistical reasons. I also know that I will never know. The main problem that has arisen from all this is that my feelings for him have become quite intrusive on my personal life. I think about him constantly if I am not at work. My thoughts are distracting me from my marriage, children, and my life in general. This has been going on for over two months now. What do I need to do to get myself straight and get my life back together? I have not spoken about this to any of my friends as this is quite embarrassing

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What Can I Do About an Attraction Between the Assistant Manager and Me?

A Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about feelings of attraction by an employee for a manager: What can I do about my feelings? 


I recently moved part-time jobs and I have been at my current job about 2 months. I think that my assistant manager may have a crush on me, and I may also have feelings for him. I am the only girl in the department so it’s hard to tell if he acts differently around me. I am 20 and he is 26 so I don’t know if the age difference is a problem.

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What Happened To My Relationship?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about change in relationship with boss: I tried talking to him about this and it was not a good conversation, he acted as if I was a nut. He is a thinker. I am a feeler. He acts like he does not care if I live or die or work there or not. I used to be his right hand person.

My boss has been with us for 6 years. At one time we had a close and very productive working relationship. Something has changed over the past year. He no longer consults me as he once did (I would also drive him to appointments and he would talk to me about personal stuff.)

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