False Accusation of Racism

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being accused of racism: And how do we go about fighting the defamation of my husband’s name? Do we have a legal standing.

My husband works for an international/multicultural company and has really enjoyed his job. Part of his job specification as an operations manager is to keep things running smoothly and deal with staff issues. Two weeks ago he was asked to address an issue with one of the sales staff, who has been keeping his clients as close as possible, and not allowing other staff in the company to deal with or communicate with them. Even though he is a paid employee of the company, he has been acting on his own. My husband was asked by his boss to send out a email introducing the rest of the staff, and detailing their ability to handle the incoming work these particular clients had coming in, offering their openness to be there if the sales rep was unable to help with customs advice or related issues. Unfortunately, the sales rep has a strong accent, and on many occasions it has been difficult for all staff to understand him.

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