Can I Ask For A Witness When I Am Reprimanded?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about reprimand witness:

If I’m being taken out the back of my workplace to be told off for something the employers overheard, do I have the legal right to ask to have someone present with me (a friend or family member etc.)?

Signed, Need Support

Dear Need Support:

I see you are writing from outside the U.S., so I don’t know what labor laws apply there. However, I did some research and do not think there is a labor law in your country that covers that issue. There isn’t a law in the U.S. about it. If your work has an employee’s union, there may be a requirement that you be allowed to have union representation. There may be an HR policy about it, if your company is large enough to have an HR section. I don’t know of any business where someone from outside the workplace (family or non-work friends) would be allowed to be present.

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