Employee Rights About Written Reprimand

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about copy of write up:

Does an employee have a right to get a copy of a written reprimand from an employer?

Signed, Needing answers

Dear Needing answers:

There is no law or regulation that requires employers to provide a copy of a written reprimand to an employee. Many companies have policies and procedures that provide the details of how the stages of discipline are handled, so you may want to check about that with HR or in your employee handbook or manual. Otherwise, ask if you can have a copy. If you are told no by a supervisor ask if you can request it from the level higher. If you’re as high as you can go with it, ask if you can at least see a copy of it again. Then, copy it by hand or simply focus on remembering the details.

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Reprimanded for Calling An Ill Employee

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors reprimand:

I am one of four managers. An employee left on Friday to go to the ER. She didn’t show up on Saturday. Before the Lead Manager left, I asked her if she was going to call this employee to see why she didn’t come to work. She said no, that it was not her responsibility. On my lunch hour I called the employee to see if she was OK. She called me later to let me know what had been the problem. I was given a verbal warning in writing, stating it was unbecoming of me as a manager to call when my Lead Manager had told me not to, and that I more or less went over the head of the Lead Manger. This employee is also a friend of mine outside work and I was on my lunch hour, off the clock. There isn’t a policy in our handbook, and we have always been able to call employees to see why they are late or not present.Can they write me up for a call I made when I was off the clock?

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Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about written reprimand:

On June 9 this year, I received a written, via e-mail, reprimand from the office manager in which she admonished me to comply with the firm’s procedure in the presence of another employee. For clarification, the e-mail was addressed to me and another employee; both of us have similarly-situated jobs as legal secretaries. To give you a little background: I’ve filed two grievances against this office manager during my five and a half tenure with this firm. The other employee has only been with the firm for two years. I’m currently in good standings with this firm, and the office manager has consistently abused her power in a retaliatory manner to get back at me and has created a hostile work environment by placing me under heightened, unwarranted scrutiny. I’ve attached the office manager’s e-mail below for your perusal. My point is that any reference to compliance of firm procedure should have been done in private and not in the presence of another employee.

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