Family Leave For Father-In-Law

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about sick leave caring for someone:

My father-in law-has brain cancer. He is 85 and probably will live three months to a year. This question is not about medical advice but about workplace support and policies regarding sick leave. My wife has been taking much care of him with some help from her siblings. The stress is difficult and she got in a wreck recently driving her father two hours to the hospital to get an MRI (I won’t get started on a health system that makes old people commute to service..What ever happened to house calls?? Anyway, I am wondering if I go to help her with her father if this constitutes legitimate family leave which our organization does have. I probably wouldn’t be doing a lot 8 hours a day, though I would be a designated driver but probably more importantly a body of support. Any thoughts, suggestions of how to ask if it is deemed legitimate. I mean it’s more than just visiting the in laws for a trip. Thanks as always,

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